Amigo FM
classroom system

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The Oticon Amigo classroom system

Oticon Amigo FM system bridges the distance between teacher and child and significantly improves* the signal-to-noise level by sending the signal directly to the child’s hearing aids.

Benefits of Oticon Amigo:
• Better speech understanding in the classroom*
• A highly reliable system with LED on the receiver, so you know the child is receiving a clear signal
• Robust transmitters that are built to last

*Compared to hearing aids alone.

With an FM system, the teacher wears a microphone to capture their voice, and the signal is then sent via the transmitter to the receiver, which is placed either on the child’s hearing aids or on an intermediate device. 

The FM system comprises:
• A microphone
• A transmitter
• A receiver

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This item is an additional accessory available for purchase and is not part of the hearing aid package.

Oticon Amigo products

Teachers want to spend their time teaching – not trying to decipher complex FM systems.
Oticon Amigo FM makes life easy. They simply turn on the transmitter, clip on the microphone and begin teaching.

The built-in LED lights in both the FM receiver and transmitter let teachers know that the system is working and that the students can hear their voice.

  • Amigo T30/T31 FM transmitter

    The Amigo T30 and T31 educational FM transmitters are an extremely robust unit that are highly resilient to everyday wear and tear.

    They offer a stable signal, LED status indicator, a display screen that validates actions taken and multiple microphone options to fit the teacher’s style or individual situation.

  • Amigo R12G2 FM receiver

    The dedicated receiver attaches to the bottom of the hearing aid. The shape and colour of Amigo R12G2 seamlessly integrates with the contours of the hearing aid, forming a single unit.

  • Amigo Star

    The FM-only receiver is designed to help your child with normal hearing but with other listening difficulties concentrate better in class. This is achieved by providing direct access to the teacher's voice. Amigo Star is customisable so it will sit comfortably on your child's ears.

children listening

Amigo FM transmitters

The transmitters send the teacher’s voice directly to the student, overcoming the effects of noise, distance and reverberation that can make it hard for children to hear.