Oticon ON


Oticon ON app is coming to an end

The Oticon ON app will soon no longer be available. But the Oticon Companion app is ready with the latest features and updates.

Oticon Companion – compatible with iOS 17
The Oticon Companion app gives you support, personalisation, control, and remote care all in one app. And we’re constantly working to improve compatibility and your app experience.

For the best performance, please uninstall Oticon ON after downloading Oticon Companion.


Download the Oticon Companion app here.


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Your fitting and programs are safe and secure
No need to worry. Upgrading your app does not affect your fitting settings and programs, since they are stored in your hearing aid, not in the app.

You can read more about how to use the new app here: https://www.oticon.co.nz/hearing-aid-users/support/apps/companion

Your hearing aids may need a firmware upgrade to work with the Oticon Companion app
Oticon Opn hearing aids with a firmware lower than 6.0 will need to be firmware upgraded to be able to connect to Oticon Companion app.


Disclaimer: some features are hearing aid model specific
If you are unable to see certain features in your Oticon Companion app, that is because some functionality is only available for specific models and firmware versions:

  • Sound equalizer, HearingFitness, and Remember volume settings are only available with Oticon Real hearing aids
  • To use Sound equalizer and Remember volume settings with Oticon Real hearing aids, you will need firmware 1.1.0 – please contact your hearing care professional to get the latest firmware update