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In a wide range of innovative styles

With Oticon More™ gaining two new miniBTE styles, you can bring its unique sound quality to more clients than ever.

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Oticon More offers rechargeable batteries and direct streaming from compatible iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices1.

We know the brain needs more

The industry’s way to treat hearing loss has had a one-sided focus on delivering speech understanding. But this has hindered people from experiencing the full perspective of sounds.

Now we know that delivering less sound is simply not enough. Independent research showed the brain needs access to the full sound scene to work in a natural way.2

The world’s first hearing aid to give the brain the full perspective

Oticon More processes and balances the full sound scene to give the brain optimised input from all types of meaningful sounds – not just speech.3

For the first time ever, people with a hearing loss can have access to all relevant sounds, giving the brain the full perspective it needs.

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Amazing sound quality brings the music back to life

Oticon More captures the richness of the sounds all around your clients in high fidelity – whether it’s birdsong, a violin concerto, or the bubbling laughter of children.

This is sound quality so good you can revitalise your clients’ lives. And with a new hearing aid programme – Oticon MyMusic – you can give your clients an outstanding music experience whether they're listening to live music or streaming.

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New evidence proves

Oticon More 1 reduces* sustained listening effort by an astounding 30%4

We measured the changes in people’s pupil sizes while assessing their ability to respond over a sustained timeframe - in order to determine their real-world listening effort.

The results show that sustained listening effort is dramatically reduced at the same time as the brain gets access to more sound. How can this be? The answer to this paradox lies in the fundamentally new approach to sound processing in Oticon More: giving the brain access to the full sound scene so it requires less effort to hear, understand, and participate socially.

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*Compared to Oticon More 1 with MSI off

Oticon More 1 outperforms top competitors

Test results from complex, real-life environments show that a significant majority of people prefer the sound quality of Oticon More.5

Tests also show that Oticon More provides:

  • 2-3 times faster adaptation to changes in the sound scene6
  • Up to 19% more speech cues than competitors
  • More speech cues than normal hearing

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More freedom for your clients*

The portable SmartCharger** gives your clients the freedom to travel light by keeping their Oticon More hearing aids powered up, dry, and protected. Its built-in power bank can recharge the hearing aids a minimum of three times. Alternatively, you can offer a stylish desk charger that sits conveniently on their bedside table.

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*The Oticon SmartCharger and the desk charger are additional accessories available for purchase and are not part of the hearing aid package. A charger is required for the Oticon More rechargeable hearing aids to function.

** The SmartCharger for miniBTE R is coming soon. Please contact your local Oticon representative for stock availability.

More to offer altogether

An outstanding selection of styles and accessories give you the potential to satisfy a wide variety of clients

  • NEW miniBTE R style suitable for a hook and mould or a thin tube and dome, with rechargeable batteries
  • NEW miniBTE T style suitable for a hook and mould or a thin tube and dome, with disposable size 312 batteries
  • miniRITE R style featuring a receiver in the ear, with rechargeable batteries
  • miniRITE T style for people who prefer disposable batteries
  • Rechargeable CROS transmitter matches Oticon More and other Oticon hearing aid families


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Discover our unique BrainHearing™ philosophy

What we do differently is focus on understanding how the brain makes sense of sound. This approach guides us to make hearing aids that support the brain’s natural way of working.

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1. Android devices need to support Audio Streaming from Hearing Aids (ASHA) to allow direct streaming to Oticon More.

2. O’Sullivan et al. (2019); Puvvada & Simon (2017).

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