Genie 2 | 2017.2

Genie 2 has been updated with a variety of new features and enhancements.
Please find a quick overview of these below:

Download the 2017.2 Genie 2 Guide

What is new in Genie 2?

Support for new product
Genie 2 now supports ConnectClip

Previously purchased Oticon Opn hearing aids will need to be upgraded to support In-situ Audiometry. This is done by using the Oticon Firmware Updater tool, which updates the hearing aids to the latest firmware released in 2017.2.

New fitting features

Genie 2 has been updated with new exciting features to support Oticon Opn hearing aids, available for all performance levels:


Paediatric fitting mode provides a centralised way to view the child’s hearing aid settings. With the new Paediatric panel, you not only have an overview of the hearing aid settings, but you can also change them right away. Conveniently located in the Fitting section on the right side of the top navigation bar, the Paediatric panel makes it possible for you to access it regardless of what you are working on. By default, Paediatric fitting mode is enabled for all clients under 18 years old, but can be changed in the Preferences section.


We have improved the print reports to better fulfil your daily needs. The reports can be sent to your client via email or saved as a pdf. It is now possible to personalise the title page with your clinic’s details.

The existing print report for the client has been updated and can now include:

  • Tinnitus quick guide: for clients with Tinnitus SoundSupport™ activated 

  • How to pair accessories: for quick client overview on how to pair Oticon Opn hearing aids with accessories 

  • Handling and care: basic information for your client to get started with new Oticon Opn hearing aids 

  • Hearing loss and communication: to help your client understand their hearing challenges and needs 


    In-situ Audiometry is now available for Oticon Opn hearing aids. You can now verify your clients’ hearing loss using any acoustic selection. The measured hearing levels can be used by the fitting software to better fit the specific hearing aid and the client’s hearing loss. The tool now also includes more options, such as mouse-over presentation of sound stimuli for discrete presentation.


    Fast Data View is the new feature added on NOAH System 4.7, that you can now use with Genie 2. It gives you quick and easy access to the fitting session details without starting the fitting software.


    You can now fit Oticon Opn hearing aids using Noahlink Wireless programmer. Noahlink Wireless is the new industry-standard programming device for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled hearing aids. For further information, please read more in Help on Genie 2 in the fitting software.


    Oticon Firmware Updater

    Oticon Firmware Updater is a tool in Genie 2 that enables firmware updates of hearing aids within the Opn family. This means that new features and security updates are released to the existing styles through the Oticon Firmware Updater.


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