Oticon Opn S™

Enjoy speech understanding on par with normal hearing

Now you can join the conversation in noisy environments* 

* Juul Jensen 2018, Oticon Whitepaper, Oticon Opn S1, sponsored by Oticon

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There is a style for your needs

Oticon hearing aids are available in a wide range of styles. Whether you want an invisible in-the-ear hearing aid, or feel more comfortable with a behind-the-ear. The choice is yours.

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"I can actually engage in conversation. I’m finally a part of the party!”

Shannon M. Conn, Special Education Teacher

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Oticon Opn Play™

Open up your child's world

Oticon Opn Play is a family of hearing aids for teenagers and children that gives them
constant access to 360-degree sound. This comes thanks to groundbreaking new
technology that is fast enough to support the way their brains make sense of sound
– and represents a break with traditional technology that overloads young minds.

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