Achieve top quality, wireless fittings that meet the individual needs of each user

Your complete toolbox for person-centred fitting

Oticon Genie 2 is renowned for easy and intuitive navigation, fast real-ear measurements, and our built-in teleaudiology solution – Oticon RemoteCare.

What’s new in Oticon Genie 2

In our latest and most advanced version of Oticon Genie 2, we support the fitting of the new hearing aid family, Oticon Intent. We are introducing strong audiological features that provide added fitting flexibility for the hearing care professional, that in turn leads to added benefits for their clients.

Find a quick overview below to get you up to date on new enhancements. – Simply press + to read more about each subject.

2024.1 updates

Easily and instantly prescribe personalised help in noise

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Match REM targets in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds*

The REM AutoFit tool in Oticon Genie 2 helps you deliver high-quality fittings that are personalized to the user, while emphasising efficiency and control.

*With IMC 2 compatible REM systems, REM target matching can be done in under 1 minutes and 50 seconds. With VerifitLINK REM target matching can be done in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Learn about REM AutoFit

Fit your clients over the Internet with Oticon RemoteCare

Our teleaudiology solution Oticon RemoteCare is built into Oticon Genie 2.

Your client simply downloads the Oticon RemoteCare app, and then you call them via Oticon Genie 2.

During the call, you can counsel them and adjust their hearing aids in real time.

Discover fitting with Oticon RemoteCare

Programming Devices

In Oticon Genie 2, you can use a range of programming devices to programme Oticon hearing aids:


Noahlink Wireless***(Recommended)
FittingLink 3*


HiPro 2 (Recommended)
ExpressLink 3
HiPro USB**

*Compatible with 2.4 GHz hearing instruments

**Expect slower programming and firmware update times as these are older devices

***Compatible with Genie 2 | 2017.2 and onwards

Oticon Firmware Updater

Oticon Firmware Updater allows you to perform on-the-spot firmware updates to Oticon hearing aids and accessories.

The Oticon Firmware Updater provides these clear benefits:

  • Access to the very latest platform features and performance improvements
  • Convenience and time-saving, with no need to send hearing aids and connectivity accessories for service


Please note that cable connection is required.

Noahlink Wireless and FittingLink 3 cannot be used for firmware updates. HiPro 2 is recommended. HiPro and HiPro USB will result in significantly longer firmware update times as these are older devices.



When you receive new hearing aids, they may have a new firmware version that is not compatible with your old Oticon Genie 2 installation. That's why you must always install the latest Oticon Genie 2 software when you receive it from Oticon.

  • Genie Updater

  • Genie Updater gives you access to new versions and updates of Genie 2 as soon as they are released.
  • Genie Updater runs silently in the background and checks for updates automatically – you will only be notified when you need to take action.