Benefit from hearing clearly in public spaces wherever you see the universal hearing loop sign.

Today, many public venues such as cinemas, theatres, places of worship and museums have hearing loop systems installed. It means you can stream sound directly into your hearing aids for a quality listening experience – whether for entertainment or educational purposes.

The signal transmitted from a hearing loop system is picked up via a small wire component called a telecoil.

Some hearing aids are already fitted with a telecoil, but some are not. You can access sound from a teleloop system either way by following the guidance on this page.

Want to know whether or not your hearing aids are already fitted with a telecoil? Contact your hearing care professional who should be able to advise you.

For hearing aids with a telecoil

If you have hearing aids with a telecoil, then simply switch on the telecoil programme to start receiving sound.


For hearing aids without a telecoil

If you have hearing aids without a telecoil then you can still access the wireless sound from a hearing loop system.

You will just need the help of an additional device - either EduMic* or Streamer Pro* - depending on whether or not your hearing aids have Bluetooth® technology.

*Oticon EduMic and Oticon Streamer Pro are additional accessories available for purchase and are not part of the hearing aid package.

Need help finding out? Check the Instructions for Use that came with your hearing aids, contact your hearing care professional or read our tips for finding out if you have Bluetooth hearing aids

If your hearing aids come with Bluetooth technology, then you can access sound from a hearing loop system using EduMic.

EduMic is fitted with a telecoil which receives the sound from the hearing loop system and then streams quality sound directly into your ears through your hearing aids.

Once EduMic is paired with your hearing aids:

1. To access hearing loop sound, turn off EduMic and then press and hold down the button on the device for ten seconds, until the status indicator turns magenta.

2. To mute the audio stream, press the button briefly. Press again to unmute.

3. To stop listening to the hearing loop audio, press the button for two seconds until the status indicator turns off.

Learn more about Oticon EduMic here.

Find out what you need to know here 

With ConnectLine Streamer Pro’s built-in telecoil, a simple press of a button will give you access to hearing loops in theatres, lectures halls, cinemas and more. Read more about Streamer Pro.

Here we’ll explain how to start and end your hearing loop listening:

1. To activate the telecoil & start receiving sound:

Simply push and hold the AUX selector button on Streamer Pro for about two seconds to access the hearing loop’s audio.

2. To stop listening to the hearing loop:

Press the AUX selector on Streamer Pro again to turn off the Streamer Pro telecoil and to stop receiving sound.

Want to watch a demo? Our handy visual guide should help:

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How to activate and deactivate the telecoil on Streamer Pro