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How do online hearing tests work?

With our online test, you simply listen to some sounds and answer some questions. This checks how well you hear in different situations — for example, at restaurants or parties.

This online hearing test is a great tool that gives you a quick indication of whether you need a full hearing assessment by a hearing care professional.

No online hearing test can replace a full hearing assessment by a hearing care professional. If you have some concerns about your hearing, we always recommend you make an appointment with a hearing care professional.

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How do I prepare for this hearing test?

It’s very easy to take this free online hearing test. All you need are:

  • Your computer or smartphone 
  • Headphones or earphones 
  • A quiet place without background noise

With our free hearing test, you can:

  • Learn about your listening abilities
  • Get insights into any hearing challenges
  • Quickly find out if you need to take further action

Find a Hearing Care Professional

If the results of the online hearing test suggest you may have difficulty hearing, or if you have concerns about your hearing, we would recommend you seek the opinion of a hearing care professional for a complete diagnostic hearing assessment.

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Don’t worry, hearing challenges are completely normal

We all struggle to hear things sometimes. It doesn’t always mean it's hearing loss. But it’s always good to check by taking a hearing test.

This is because it is better to know about any potential hearing loss so you can take the first step toward better hearing sooner. You have nothing to lose by taking a free hearing test!

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What you need to know about hearing aids

We know hearing aids can be confusing, so let us guide you through the basics.

There are different types of hearing aids. The main difference is that some sit behind your ear, while others sit fully in your ear canal where they can be almost invisible.

Nowadays, hearing aids are very small and discreet. In fact, few people even notice when someone is wearing hearing aids. They’re also comfortable – people usually forget they are wearing them.

Finally, a trained hearing care professional is the best person to help you select the right hearing aid for you.

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