Complete REMs in under 6 minutes in Genie

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Every person’s ear canals are different so they have unique acoustic qualities. Effective real ear measurements (REMs) help you to personalise the hearing aids to the client's ears.

An intuitive tool in Oticon Genie - the improved REM AutoFit - helps you complete the REM process smoothly and quickly, by automatically matching the actual hearing aid gain to the gain targets.

“I like the REM AutoFit Tool and I want to have it now.”
Mr. Zacho, Fachinstitut HG Zacho GmbH & Co.KG, Germany

“I would standardly implement it in my work.”
Mrs. Frins, Hörgeräte Kersten Nord GmbH, Germany

Tailor your fittings …

Because gain in Genie is based on an average ear canal, it does not always suit the particular shapes and sizes of a real person’s ears. But REM AutoFit helps to verify the actual gain in the ear, ensuring the hearing aids are correctly set up the first time4.

… in just 6 simple minutes

REM AutoFit streamlines your workflow to give each of your clients a shorter and more comfortable fitting experience during hearing aid verification. With the time that you save, you can devote valuable minutes to validation and counselling, or see more patients during the day.

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All inside Genie

There is no need to run Genie and REM software in parallel. REM AutoFit communicates with the REM system to run the measurements. Genie can then automatically adjust the hearing aid gain to match the target, and gives you the flexibility to manually fine-tune and verify the fitting. This gives you a single software program to launch, work in, and maintain.

The benefits of REM AutoFit verification for your business

Integrating the speed of REM AutoFit into your fitting process can help you to create an efficient verification and validation procedure. And because an effective verification and validation process reduces the return visits that the client makes on average4, incorporating REM AutoFit into your fitting process is a smart investment that will pay dividends in time and cost savings.

Read this pdf for more information on REM AutoFit with Verifit®LINK

Read this pdf for more information on REM AutoFit when used with other REM systems

  • In the new, improved REM AutoFit:

  • Automatic and manual fine-tuning and measurement

  • Automatic open fit calibration

  • Improved usability with guided workflow

  • International speech test signal (ISTS)*

  • Live display of measurements

  • Simultaneous binaural measurements*

  • Integrated into Genie* and Genie 2

  • Flexible fitting verification against any rationale in Genie, including VAC* and NAL

  • Compatible with Interacoustics, MedRx and Otometrics equipment

  • Compatible with Audioscan equipment using Verifit®LINK  (from Genie 2 | 2018.2)

    * may vary depending on REM system

See how much time you can save

We have made a simple online calculator where you can instantly see how much time you can save with verification and validation.

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Benefits for your clients

Comfortable fitting with quick verification
More time for counselling and validation
Optimal hearing aid benefit thanks to verified fitting2,3
Reduced need for return visits4

“REM is a good objective measure of hearing aid amplification. It helps me to make a proper fitting, and therefore I have better customer satisfaction and less return appointments.” Joschka Vossieck, Germany


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