Wireless microphone & headset in one

ConnectClip transforms your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset

Get the sound from compatible smartphone, tablet or computer directly into both of your ears with ConnectClip. It uses Bluetooth low energy to connect your hearing aids to your electronic devices and is also a microphone for capturing your speech. This makes your hearing aids into a wireless headset with all the benefits that come with the hands-free experience.

The high-quality audio capability lets you stream music from compatible devices straight into your ears. The sound is in stereo, which gives a richer sound where you can hear more details, for a quality experience that is less strenuous to listen to.

The ConnectClip also functions as a remote microphone, which means you can give it to someone who is speaking and then hear their voice clearly and directly in your hearing aids.

Experience the joys of hands-free calling

Hearing aids can make it complicated to use telephone headsets, which is a hassle when you want to use your hands for other things like driving your car, cooking a meal, or holding on to the bus.

ConnectClip transmits the call directly to both of your hearing aids while its built-in microphone clearly catches what you say to the caller. And a noise reduction feature ensures your voice comes through clearly, even if you're somewhere noisy.

Want to try the ConnectClip?

Contact your local hearing care professional

Give your child access to more sound

If your child has compatible Oticon hearing aids, you can use ConnectClip as a remote microphone to send audio directly to their ears.

Oticon ConnectClip is ideal for children in any challenging situation where they need more help to hear, such as when they can't see the person speaking, or are some distance away.

  • At the playground

  • In the back of the car

  • In the classroom

  • In a pushchair

Chat over the computer

  • Use ConnectClip to stream the sound directly to your hearing aids when chatting over Skype, Lync, etc.

  • Hear the caller’s voice directly in your hearing aids while still hearing the sounds around you

If your device does not have Bluetooth, we offer a small and robust USB dongle.

  • ConnectClip for teens

    Hear your teacher’s voice directly in your Oticon Opn hearing aids – no need to sit in the front row.

  • Find your nearest hearing care professional

    A trained professional can test your hearing and tailor a treatment that suits your lifestyle.

  • Your first days wearing hearing aids

    You may rediscover sounds that you haven’t heard for a long time, and will find that you suddenly pay much more attention to your surroundings.