Oticon SafeLine™

Hearing aid retention cord

Keep wearing your hearing aids, no matter how active you want to be

•  Retain access to sound all day long

•  Prevent loss and damage of hearing aids

•  Ensure your peace of mind

Oticon Safeline attaches your hearing aids to your collar with a clip - preventing loss and damage of your hearing aids. With the confidence that your hearing aids are safe, enjoy all the hearing support you're used to. Your hearing loss doesn't have to hold you back.

Keep all senses sharp in different situations

Your sensory world becomes limited if you have to remove your hearing aids. When we are active and doing what we enjoy we want all of our senses working.

Oticon SafeLine is a hearing aid clip that lets you wear your hearing aids all day long.

Hearing aid retention cord for children

Children need to be aware of their surroundings and present in the moment. They especially need all senses when they are active, whether having fun on the playground, playing football with their friends, or running wildly through the woods. Children wearing SafeLine can throw themselves fully into the action and forget that they have hearing aids on.


Hearing aid retention cord for adults

Our sense of hearing increases our enjoyment of activities, whether jumping around a court, walking over hills, or blasting along muddy tracks on your mountain bike. With SafeLine you can enjoy the moment without having to keep reminding yourself to be careful about your hearing aids.


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Easy to use

  • 1

    Attach the rings of the cords to the hearing aids

  • 2

    Clip SafeLine to the collar

  • 3

    Put the hearing aids on

Make life better and forget your worries

Whether it’s for you, your partner, your child or your baby, SafeLine makes life better. SafeLine users no longer need to choose if they want to retain access to sound or safeguard their vital hearing aids. SafeLine-corded hearing aids provide access to sound with the freedom to enjoy life's activities.

With the use of SafeLine, you no longer need to keep reminding yourself to be careful with your hearing aids. This hearing aid holder will keep your hearing aids safe, which enables you to be more alert, more in the moment, and more attuned to your passions.

SafeLine also helps less active people reduce the chance of mislaying and losing their hearing aids when they use the hearing aid clip.

Safe, easy and durable

To ensure the highest standards of safety, SafeLine hearing aid straps feature a break-away function enabling the strings to safely snap-off under pressure – after which they are easy to re-attach. This is unlike some necklace hearing aid cord styles.

SafeLine meets international legislation and standards for safety for hearing aid retention locks. We have made sure that all materials are hypo-allergenic and bio-compatible. The collar clip on SafeLine is easy to use and prevents your fingers from being pinched.

*SafeLine is compatible with all Oticon BTE, miniRITE and designRITE hearing aid styles

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