Using your hearing aids at the cinema

An increasing number of cinemas, theatres and public buildings have teleloop systems installed. These systems send out wireless sound to be received by the telecoil in your hearing aid. 
Typically, a sign will let you know whether the place has a teleloop.cinema

Ask your hearing care professional for more details on telecoil.

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How to easily access teleloop systems via ConnectLine

Learn how you get started with ConnectLine Streamer Pro and teleloop

With Streamer Pro’s built-in telecoil, a simple push of a button connects you to loop systems in theatres, lecture halls and more.

Start and end listening with Streamer Pro telecoil

The telecoil is activated by a single push of a button on Streamer Pro:

• To receive sound from the teleloop system press and hold Streamer Pro's AUX selector for approximately 2 seconds.

• To turn off Streamer Pro's telecoil, simply press the AUX selector again.

Watch how here:
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More support

For more instructions on how to use teleloop systems with Streamer Pro, find help here:

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