How to watch TV

With Oticon hearing aids, it is possible to connect the hearing aids to the TV, so you get the sound streamed directly in your ears. How to do it depends on which hearing aid you have.

Connect the TV Adapter to the TV using one of the following cord options

Click to see instructional videos on how to connect:


Choose the guide that matches your hearing aids

Don't know if your hearing aids have Bluetooth or not?
Check your instructions for use, contact your HCP, or see our tips to find out

Watching TV using Oticon TV Adapter
For hearing aids with Bluetooth

  • Pair your hearing aids (non-rechargeable) to the TV Adapter

  • Pair your hearing aids (rechargeable) to the TV Adapter

  • Start watching TV by changing to the TV programme on your hearing aids

Watching TV with ConnectLine TV Adapter & Streamer Pro

For hearing aids without Bluetooth, you must have a Streamer Pro handed out and paired to your hearing aids by your HCP.

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