Paediatric Counselling

An engaging and family-friendly
counselling tool

Your role as hearing care professional is crucial when it comes to finding the right hearing solution to children with hearing loss as well as giving the entire family the support they need. With Oticon Counselling’s intuitive and family-friendly toolbox you can give premium paediatric care and counselling.

At Oticon we acknowledge the intricate and critical responsibilities you have as paediatric audiologists in tying together the right intervention with the practical needs of children with hearing loss and their families. To guide you we have made Paediatric Oticon Counselling – a flexible, interactive toolbox that helps you to build trust and loyalty by facilitating an engaging counselling process with children with hearing loss and their parents.

Intuitive and educational

Oticon Counselling’s intuitive design helps you save precious time for care and counselling. Educational tools make complex information easier to understand, and dialogue tools help you obtain valuable feedback - particularly from younger children - as a basis for individualisation.

Engaging and enlightening

Full of child-friendly, easy-to-explain tools - Oticon Counselling engages and motivates children and parents to take responsibility for the hearing loss, and to understand how to work together to achieve the desired results.

Meeting individual needs

Oticon Counselling accommodates the individual needs of two user groups; Adults and Paediatrics. For the paediatric user group, Oticon Counselling allows you to support children primarily aged 4-12 and their parents.

Intuitive and motivating tools

Finding your way round Paediatric Oticon Counselling is very easy and intuitive. With 7 tools to choose from you can create your own agenda and customise consultations to meet the child's and parents' personal needs.

Get Oticon Counselling

  • The Audiogram - with speech and sound examples

  • The Ear - explains the anatomy of the ear and types of hearing loss

  • Speech in Noise - to emphasize its impact on hearing and understanding

  • Hearing Aid Benefits - for demonstrating the benefits of wearing Oticon Sensei

  • FM Benefits - for demonstrating the benefits of FM in school and at home

  • Daily Care - the do's and don'ts of instrument care

  • Communication Strategies – valuable communication strategies to use in everyday situations