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EduMic - Designed to make learning effortless

Noise, distance and reverberation can create challenges for children with hearing loss in the modern classroom.

EduMic is Oticon’s new wireless remote microphone system to support children with Oticon hearing aids with hearing loss in the classroom. EduMic provides outstanding sound quality and gives stable and clear access to the teacher's voice.

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Availability and function of features and accessories can vary depending on hearing aid style and performance level selected.

Easy for teachers to use

EduMic is easy to use and comfortable to wear. It clips on to the teacher’s shirt or hangs around the neck using a lanyard. EduMic features a sleek lightweight design, provides a stable signal and connects to an unlimited number of hearing aids.

Via EduMic, teachers can stream sound from a computer, smart board or tablet directly to the child’s hearing aids. Additionally, EduMic also works with existing classroom remote microphone systems.

Use hearing aids as a wireless headset

You can enjoy hands-free calls and audio streaming using your hearing aids, where your hearing aids connect to your phone or device by Bluetooth®.

If you have a compatible iPhone or iPad and compatible hearing aids, you can connect directly, without any other device. If not, you simply use ConnectClip to enable hands-free calls with a compatible smartphone or device, and any Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids.

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Give access to speech at a distance or in noise

ConnectClip is also a remote microphone. It can be attached to a shirt and gives direct access to speech. It provides extra support when in a noisy place or at a distance like in a car or at a playground.

Watch TV with hearing aids

Turn hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones with Oticon’s TV Adapter 3.0 by streaming the sound from the TV directly to their hearing aids.

TV Adapter has a range of up to 15 meters and can be connected to compatible audio device using the cables provided.



Oticon Companion

Oticon Companion app makes it possible to monitor and control hearing aids directly from a smart phone. This means you can check the battery status and control the Bluetooth connections to the hearing aids and more.

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Do you not have hearing aids with 2.4 GHz wireless technology?

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