Oticon Xceed Play

The hearing aid that opens up your child’s world

For children with severe-to-profound hearing loss

The world’s most powerful hearing aid

The ground-breaking Oticon Xceed Play is the only hearing aid on the market that gives an open sound experience to children of all ages with severe-to-profound hearing loss.


Oticon Xceed Play gives your child

360° access to speech

Outstandingly clear and detailed sound

Prevention of annoying whistling sounds*

Easy wireless connectivity to many devices

* Based on best fitting practice.




Open up to more speech for better learning

With Oticon Xceed Play, children with severe-to-profound hearing loss can finally get access to clear speech from all directions. With a 360° sound­scape, your child will have better conditions to thrive and develop from formal and incidental learning*.

* Compared to our previous generation of hearing aids.

  • Traditional omni directional technology

    Gives access to all sounds whether relevant or not, which makes it hard to separate speech from noise.

  • Traditional directional technology

    Focuses on one speaker and suppresses all other sounds.

  • New technology

    Gives 360° access to speech with effective noise reduction for better learning conditions.

From traditional technology to revolutionary open sound

Previous technologies would either give access to all sounds whether relevant or not– or focus on the speaker in front of your child, while suppressing everything else as background noise.

New Oticon Xceed Play gives your child access to clear speech from all directions. It has the power to detect speech from noise, preserving environmental sounds important to support incidental learning and for safety.

Better hearing provides better conditions for your child to develop its language, learn, grow and take part.

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Revolutionary new technology reduces annoying whistling sounds

Providing the amplification that your child needs can cause annoying whistling sounds when something or someone comes too close to the hearing aid. Like when you hug your child, during play or when your child puts on a hat. It can also be caused by ear growth.

Previously, hearing aids have handled these problems by simply turning down the amplification and thereby compromising speech understanding.

But now, ground-breaking technology in Oticon Xceed Play prevents it from even happening. So your child can enjoy a clear, stable speech signal throughout the day, where annoying whistling is significantly reduced.* In fact, your child will benefit from up to 20%** more speech details, which are important for language development.


* For prescribed fittings, according to best practice.

** Ng & Rumley 2019. Oticon Whitepaper, Oticon Xceed 1.Sponsored by Oticon

Better hearing starts with the brain

Oticon Xceed Play is built on the philosophy that better hearing starts with the brain. We call this BrainHearing™ and it supports the natural way children’s brains process sounds. Oticon Xceed Play applies proven BrainHearing technology which provides access to a 360° balanced soundscape, which is especially important for children who need to develop language skills and learn new things.

The earlier you seek treatment for hearing loss, the more your hearing may be improved. That’s one of the reasons, we encourage you get in touch with a local hearing care professional and get a hearing test.

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Connecting your child to everyday devices

Oticon Xceed Play connects wirelessly to compatible smartphones and gives access to an outstanding range of accessories* that make it easier for your child to take part in school, enjoy music and have fun with friends.

* Additional accessories are available for purchase and not included as part of the hearing aid package.

  • ConnectClip

    Via ConnectClip*, your child can transform the hearing aids into high-quality headphones and stream the sounds to both ears when listening to music, watching YouTube, talking to friends, and much more.

    * ConnectClip is an additional accessory which is available for purchase and not included as part of the hearing aid package.

  • Classroom solutions

    Oticon Xceed Play offers a broad range of classroom connectivity options so your child can connect directly to teachers, FM systems and classroom electronics.

    Additional accessories are available for purchase and not included as part of the hearing aid package.

  • Oticon ON App

    Oticon ON App makes it easier for older children and parents to monitor and control the hearing aids from a smartphone. With the app, it is possible to check the battery status and adjust program and volume. It also includes a convenient ”find my hearing aid“ feature if your child misplaces one or both of their devices.

For any compatible smartphone

Oticon Xceed Play is Made for iPhone® and connects to any compatible smartphone via ConnectClip*.


Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

ConnectClip is an additional accessory which is available for purchase and not included as part of the hearing aid package.

Made for childhood

  • Robust design
  • Tamper-resistant battery door protects against inquisitive little fingers
  • Free of allergens
  • IP68-certified to ensure resistance to dust and water
  • LED battery indicator confirms that the battery is functioning properly
  • Available in two styles and 12 child-friendly colours

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