Pairing & compatibility

  • > How many devices can ConnectClip be paired to?

  • > What happens when a 9th Bluetooth device is paired to ConnectClip?

    The least used device is overwritten/replaced.

  • > How many hearing aids can ConnectClip be paired to? 

    Only one hearing aid or a set of hearing aids can be paired with ConnectClip.

    Learn how to pair your hearing aids and ConnectClip

  • > What type of Bluetooth is ConnectClip compatible with?

    ConnectClip is compatible with most phones with Bluetooth 2.1 or later.

  • > Can I use ConnectClip with my computer?

    Yes. We recommend using a BTD 800 USB dongle with  your computer for a more stable connection. It might also work with your computer directly, but we cannot guarantee it and we don’t support problems with this setup.

    Learn how to use ConnectClip with a computer

    Learn how to pair your hearing aids with a BTD 800 USB dongle

  • > Does ConnectClip work with Oticon TV Adapters or Phone Adapter 2.0?

    No. ConnectClip does not work with Oticon TV Adapters, Phone Adapter or Phone Adapter 2.0.

  • > What sequence do I need to follow to pair my hearing aids to ConnectClip?

    We recommend pairing your hearing aids with ConnectClip first. Then pair ConnectClip with other Bluetooth devices such as your mobile phone. See your user instruction manual for further details. 

    See how you pair your hearing aids with the ConnectClip

    Download the user instruction manual

  • > I have two hearing aids but sound is only coming from one hearing aid when using ConnectClip. What should I do?

    Check batteries in hearing aids. Pair ConnectClip and hearing aids again (as per instructions for use manual). Make sure that hearing aids are placed right next to ConnectClip (less than 20cm). It is a good idea to switch off Bluetooth in the mobile phone during this process. 

    See the instruction for use manual

  • If one set of hearing aids is already paired to ConnectClip, how can I pair a second set?  

    Only one set can be paired at a time (either monaural or a binaural pair).To pair another set of hearing aids to ConnectClip, repeat ConnectClip and hearing aid pairing process as described in the user instruction manual.  

    Read the user instruction manual

    Watch the guide on how to pair and unpair with an iPhone

    Watch the guide on how to pair and unpair with an Android phone

  • Can I delete Bluetooth device pairings (e.g. mobile phone)?

    Yes. Long press all three ConnectClip keys for about ten seconds (until the status LED light is flashing red) to delete Bluetooth pairings.

  • Can ConnectClip be used with other smartphones such as Windows phones?

    You can use ConnectClip with most mobile phones that contain Bluetooth 2.1 or higher.

  • Which smartphone operating systems are compatible with ConnectClip?

    ConnectClip is compatible with most phones using Bluetooth 2.1 or higher (regardless of the operating system).