Using ConnectClip

  • > How do I know that my hearing aids have been paired with ConnectClip?

    A successful connection between ConnectClip and a set of hearing aids is indicated by a solid yellow status LED light.

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  • > Are there any audible indicators in my hearing aids when I use ConnectClip?

    The following audible indicators can be heard:

    • Ringing tones for an incoming call in hearing aid
    • A confirmation beep when switching to remote mic program
    • Confirmation beeps for volume adjustments 
  • Is the lanyard adjustable?

    The lanyard for ConnectClip will not be adjustable, but will instead come with two fixed length options.

  • > Does ConnectClip work with all ConnectLine products?

    No, it is not compatible with ConnectLine products.

  • > Does ConnectClip work with IFTTT?

    No, but Opn hearing aids work with IFTTT.

  • > Does ConnectClip work with all Oticon hearing aids?

    No, only with models from the Oticon Opn family using Twinlink 2.4 GHz technology.

  • > Can I change hearing aid programmes with ConnectClip?

    Yes, ConnectClip doubles as a remote control. Please refer to the instructions for use manual for more information.

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  • > If you use ConnectClip with the iPhone, is this the profile Headset or Hands free?

    In this case, the profile is hands-free. Same for other compatible smartphones.

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