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Every one of your clients have individual needs that require a tailored hearing aid solution. At Oticon, we are passionate about developing life-changing technology that can cater to the needs of more by providing a personalised experience.

Oticon's custom hearing aids are designed in Europe and custom-built locally in Brisbane, Australia. In this course, our experts guide you through our entire production process for custom hearing aids and ear moulds; from tips on what makes a good ear impression, to the various stages of the production process such as scanning and printing to internal component placement. 

This course also provides an overview of the range of styles available for our customised hearing aid solutions and how to select the appropriate style based on your client’s needs. 


  • How to determine the appropriate custom style, based on client’s ear shape, hearing loss and hearing goals
  • Oticon mould and custom hearing aid options 
  • How custom products are made from impression scanning and printing to internal component placement
  • Basic hearing aid troubleshooting 
  • Introduction to test boxes and measurements

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Meet the hosts

  • Jonathan Constantine

    National Audiology Manager

  • Catherine Beaton

    Audiology Training & Support

  • Ashleigh Cowan

    Regional Audiology and Sales Manager

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