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Paediatric Virtual Symposium

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Welcome to Oticon's Paediatric Virtual Symposium.

Hosted by our esteemed colleagues in the US, this 120-minute symposium delves into the extended applications of remote microphones beyond the classroom as three expert speakers share their insights and practical tips.

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Please note that this symposium is a recording and therefore the live Q&A is not available.

Learning outcomes

  • Top 5 features and benefits of EduMic & new resources
  • Remote microphones for preschool children
  • Parents’ experiences using remote microphones at home

Watch the event

Product Information:

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EduMic Materials

Meet the speakers

  • Corey Ackerman

    National Sales Manager (NZ)

  • Karla Quinones

    Education and Training Specialist, Mid-Atlantic Region

  • Elizabeth Walker

    Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences

  • Dave Gordey

    Director of Pediatric Audiology and Research, Centre for Applied Audiology Research

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