Oticon Play PX

With a high-quality hearing aid that's designed to support children’s development

Oticon Play PX child-friendly hearing aids come in a variety of colours, styles, and battery options.

Oticon Play PX is designed for children and made for childhood

To support your child’s development in the best way possible, Oticon Play PX is the world’s first paediatric hearing aid with a Deep Neural Network. This technology has learned to recognise sounds through experience, just like children’s brains naturally do.

  • Superior sound quality

    Enjoy clear access to the full sound environment.

  • Better learning

    With an EduMic remote microphone for educational settings.

  • Rechargeable batteries

    Wake up to full power for a full day.*

  • Wireless streaming

    Connect to a wide range of compatible devices such as phones, TVs and more via Bluetooth®.

  • Oticon Play PX supports natural development because it gives access to the full sound environment

    At Oticon, we know that children with hearing loss need access to all relevant sounds in the sound scene.1 This is why we designed Oticon Play PX exclusively for children and teenagers. Its advanced technology provides a listening experience and gives your child access to vital input from all the meaningful sounds that are so important to their development.

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    Childhood is a time of adventures, fun, and learning. Children of all ages develop from all the experiences they encounter.

    Without assistance, children with hearing loss miss out on important input from these experiences. They miss out on important sound details and experiences which help their brains learn and develop.

    This is why Oticon Play PX is designed to give your child full access to the sounds needed to experience every magical moment of childhood.

  • Tests prove Oticon Play PX improved the opportunities for participation

    We tested how Oticon Play PX supports children’s ability to hear and understand words in noise coming from different directions, to simulate a typical listening environment like a classroom.

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    The test results proved that the hearing aids support communication with their peers.

    The results showed that Oticon Play PX significantly helps children to recognise and recall words, even when speech comes from multiple directions. This allows your child to participate freely in the many different activities and situations that children find themselves in – which are crucial to development, growth and learning.2

Rechargeable at home or on the go

Oticon Play PX rechargeable hearing aids are available with two charger options: the powerful desk charger and the portable SmartCharger.

However, your hearing care professional can give you Oticon Play PX with disposable batteries if you prefer.

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The Oticon SmartCharger and desk charger are additional accessories available separately and are not part of the hearing aid package. A charger is required for the Oticon More rechargeable hearing aids to function. The SmartCharger for the new style miniBTE R is unavailable at the time of launch. Contact your local hearing clinic for availability.

Find the right style and colour

Oticon Play PX is available in 12 attractive colours to match your child’s skin tone or hair colour, or stand out like other modern wearable technology.

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Help your child connect with the world

Oticon Play PX lets your child connect seamlessly to the world, just like their friends do

  • Stream audio directly from compatible iPhone® and Android™ devices3
  • Stream sound directly from your TV, computer and more
  • Stream anyone’s voice from a remote microphone or EduMic
  • Use our phone app to adjust volume, change program and more

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Built for classrooms with an optional remote microphone

Oticon’s EduMic is a small wireless microphone that teachers wear to ensure you hear what is going on.

It streams the wearer’s voice directly to Oticon Play PX hearing aids, helping your child participate, learn and develop.

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Designed to stand up to the tests of childhood

Oticon Play PX is made for the adventures of active young lives, and designed with safety in mind.

Oticon Play PX is powered by a Deep Neural Network

Oticon Play PX contains a special type of artificial intelligence called a Deep Neural Network. It is the world’s first paediatric hearing aid to be powered by a Deep Neural Network!

The Deep Neural Network has learned to recognise sounds through experience, just like children’s brains naturally do. In fact, the Deep Neural Network is trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes – all so the hearing aid can reproduce sounds as precisely and naturally as possible.

You hear with your brain

Did you know that?

The brain needs access to the full sound scene to work properly.

That’s why your brain needs as much sound information as possible.

Find out more about how hearing works in your brain, and our BrainHearing™ technology here.

See how hearing works in the brain

How to spot hearing loss in children

  • Infants and toddlers

    Do you know the signs of hearing loss in children under three?

  • Children

    Do you know how to tell if your child has hearing loss?

1. Gordey, D. & Ng, E. 2021, Paediatric BrainHearing, Oticon Whitepaper

2. Gordey, D. & Ng, E. 2021, Oticon Play PX: Supporting Communication, Learning and Inclusion for Children and Teens, Oticon Whitepaper

3. Android devices need to support Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) to allow direct streaming to Oticon Play PX. Please visit our compatibility page for more information.

 Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behaviour

Availability and function of features and accessories can vary depending on hearing aid style and performance level selected.

SmartCharger for miniBTE R is unavailable at the time of launch. Contact your local hearing clinic for availability.