Introducing EduMic™ 

Breaking barriers to teaching and learning in the classroom.


How to order Oticon EduMic?


A user-friendly remote microphone built for classrooms

EduMic is Oticon’s wireless remote microphone system to support children with hearing loss in the classroom, teachers can communicate clearly and effectively with their students by pushing a single button.


Connect with existing remote microphone systems

EduMic can quickly and easily be connected to existing remote microphone system using a standard Europin connector.

This gives teachers the freedom to use the convenient EduMic solution with their existing remote microphone system without having to wear two microphones.


BrainHearing™ approach

In order to support learning, participation, interaction and social inclusion¹. Both EduMic and our paediatric hearing aids are based on Oticon's BrainHearing technology that is designed to deliver what the brain needs to make sense of sound.

When noise, distance and reverberation become challenging in the classroom, EduMic is a vital partner to the hearing aids. EduMic uses our innovative OpenSound Navigator technology to analyse, balance, and remove noise. It delivers stable and clear access to the teacher's voice by continuously monitoring the environment and removing unwanted noise - even between words.

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    Teachers' choice

    In recent study², teachers showed a strong preference towards EduMic in regards to design and comfortability, compared to a competitor's remote microphone.

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    From the field to the classroom

    EduMic is designed for today's learning environments, let teachers connecting and teaching children - in and out of the classroom

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    Excellent Compatibility

    EduMic's 2.4 GHz wireless receiver is fully intergrated into all Oticon hearing aids powered by the Polaris R, Polaris, Velox S and Velox platforms³.

Want to find out more, watch our Oticon's Paediatric Virtual Symposium

Hosted by our esteemed colleagues in the US, this 120-minute symposium delves into the extended applications of remote microphones beyond the classroom as three expert speakers share their insights and practical tips.

Watch the Webinar


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1. Gordey & Ng, 2021. Oticon Play PX. Supporting Communication, Learning and Inclusion for Children and Teens. Oticon Whitepaper.

2. Gordey & Rumley, 2019, Oticon Whitepaper compared to a competitor’s remote microphone.

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3. 2.4GHz not available in the IIC and CIC models.